mentor program

What the mentor program is:

TRUE Daughters is a ministry working to see the next generation of women rise up to a place where they know their worth and identity in Jesus. A risen up generation of girls doesn't happen by chance; it takes a whole community of people. Girls need the guidance and wisdom that comes from adult women (ages 19 and up) who know their own worth in Christ. 

A TRUE Daughters Mentor provides an example to a young girl of a life lived in Christ. The mentor values her commitment to the Lord, makes her life a testimony to God, and takes an active role in the life of the TRUE Daughters participant. A TRUE Daughters mentor is called to pursue the young woman with whom she is paired and make that relationship a priority in her life. As a mentor, you will provide honest, biblical, and loving guidance and counsel. The mentor intentionally plans time together so that it builds her TRUE Daughter up to become her most authentic and Christ-filled self. The Lord promises to bless those who follow him but, as Christians, we experience periods of heartbreak and failure as well. As a mentor, you will be called to walk beside your TRUE Daughter mentee through all seasons and show her the hope that is ultimately found in Jesus.

In agreeing to be a mentor with TRUE Daughters you are agreeing to:

  1. Complete the Mentor application and background check process.
  2. Complete the Mentor Training program.
  3. Make a one year commitment to be a mentor.
  4. Meet at least once per week for an hour at a minimum with your assigned mentees.
  5. Be present at and help lead the monthly Sisterhood Night meetings.
  6. You accept responsibility for the safety of your mentees when meeting outside of TRUE Daughters events.
  7. Communicate regularly with the parent(s) of the mentees.

Do you feel called to be a mentor to a girl in the preteen to teenage years?

First read our Statement of Faith, then fill out our application to begin the process.