$100,000 by July 2017!

To date we have raised $42,408

This will ensure we can:

Strengthen our Roots: Increase our staff and technology $50,000

Expand our Branches: Training mentors, Sisterhood leaders & Flourish facilitators $30,000

Grow more Fruit: Camp sponsorships for girls $10,000

Nourish the Soil: Development of additional content and curriculum $10,000

Over the past nine years, TRUE Daughters has held an annual camp in September to bring girls ages 11-18 together to worship, hear from Godly speakers, and make new friendships in a welcoming and loving environment.  What began as a local ministry is growing, and each year more girls attending camp are coming from all over the country.

In order to come alongside these girls beyond just once a year at camp, Janel hosts monthly Sisterhood Nights locally in Raleigh. At Sisterhood, we continue to offer the same welcoming environment where girls can be open about their lives and learn more about their identity in Christ through Bible study and weekly mentoring groups.

However as the number of girls we serve that live outside of Raleigh continues to grow, they are hungry for the same kind of support that our Raleigh Sisterhood provides! As the requests for Sisterhood Nights and mentoring continue to spring up in towns across the Carolinas and ultimately beyond, we believe God is positioning TRUE Daughters to increase our reach. 

To do this will require providing local volunteer teams the training and resources needed to impact girls in their cities with the TRUE Daughters method. 

Another way we are reaching more girls is through the Flourish curriculum.  Flourish is designed to be lead with girls in a variety of settings, whether it is a church, school or sports group, through other organizations and ministries.  Any woman with a desire to equip girls with the truth of their value, identity, strength and purpose can lead her own Flourish group!

Will you RISE UP to ensure that TRUE Daughters THRIVE?

You can help us reach our goal to impact more girls by donating to the THRIVE Campaign, becoming a volunteer, mentor, camp counselor or a Flourish facilitator.